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"95/06116 A neural network operator oriented short-term and online load forecasting environment." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 36(6): 433. "95/06129 Short-term load forecasting using neural networks." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 36(6): 434. "95/04820 Unit commitment using load forecasting based on artificial neural networks." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 36(5): 344. "95/01568 Short-term load forecasting by a neural network and a refined genetic algorithm." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 36(2): 107. "Comparing the predictive performance of a neural network model with some traditional market response models : and International Journal of Forecasting 10 (2), 235-244 (September 1994)." Long Range Planning 28(1): 134-135. "Peak load forecasting using a fuzzy neural network." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 36(3): 199. "5461699 Forecasting using a neural network and a statistical forecast : Arbabi Mansu; Fischthal Scott Bethesda, MD, UNITED STATES Assigned to International Business Machines Corporation." Expert Systems with Applications 11(1): III. "Application of a neural network to forecasting of a chaotic acoustic signal : Grabec, I.

25th International SAMPE Technical Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (United States), 26-28 Oct.

Lynch, SAMPE (1993)." NDT & E International 31(2): 134. "Neural networks for predictive control of drilling dynamics." Journal of Petroleum Technology 51(10): 36-37. "99/00494 Egyptian Unified Grid hourly load forecasting using artificial neural network." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 40(1): 48. "00/00280 Artificial neural network for forecasting residential electrical energy." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 41(1): 29. "Control of grinding plants by predictive multivariable neural control." Metal powder report 57(1): 36. "Prediction of gaseous emissions from a chain grate stoker boiler using neural networks of ARX [autoregressive with exogenous inputs] structure." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 43(3): 204. "Prediction of outcomes of lumbar fusion surgery using a neural network." The Spine Journal 2(1): 11-12. "Power plant condenser performance forecasting using a non-fully connected artificial neural network." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 43(2): 148. "Up to year 2020 load forecasting using neural nets : Kermanshahi, B. International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 2002, 24, (9), 789-797." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 44(3): 157. "Artificial neural network predicts SOFC performance." Fuel Cells Bulletin 2003(4): 13. "Research on BP neural network in the prediction model of optimized coal blending : Ying, L. Energy, 2002, 27, (9), 889-904." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 44(2): 116. "Neural network prediction of prostate cancer progression." Academic Radiology 10(9): 1073-1074. "03/02355 Regional load forecasting in Taiwan - applications of artificial neural networks : Hsu, C.-C. Energy Conversion and Management, 2003, 44, (12), 1941-1949." Fuel and Energy Abstracts 44(6): 384.

Do you think our reviews are Much too tough A bit too tough Just right A bit too soft Much too sort 23. three and four page game reviews Complete Control (in general) Complete Control Formula One Grand Pmr tips Complete Control The Last Resort The Hidden Agenda feature Game reviews (p92-96) Campaign Hook slideshow Mad Bomber 25. Total Rteall - almost completely unrecognisable, this squat, cartoon-style Amie trots along through a mate of platforms and tunnels.

What would you tike to see changed about the coverdlsk 32. To be fair, Ocean had some problems with both the development team of this game and getting the rights to use a very Amie-csque sprite, so perhaps the finished product isn't too tragic after all...


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