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''In 5 or 10 years we are going to see an incredible ascension of Cubans in positions of power in Miami,'' said Antonio Gonzalez, a lawyer who was six years old when he arrived unescorted from Cuba and was sent to a Roman Catholic orphanage in Montana, where he lived three years before he was reunited with his parents.

And while Americans will no longer be able to plan their own private trips, group travel as part of authorized educational tours will be allowed. "This policy decision will hurt the United States economically, making it harder for our nation's farmers to access to new markets and cutting the knees out from under our travel and manufacturing industries," Emmer said. Paul International Airport on Friday to respond to Trump's announcement.Local congressional leaders from both parties reacted to Trump's announcement by expressing disappointment and a promise to continue work to restore relations with Cuba. Emmer said Trump's administration is "returning to the failed policy of the past 55 years" and promised to "continue to advocate for human rights and religious freedoms, a more secure hemisphere, and new economic opportunities for American farmers and businesses by improving our relationship with Cuba, not retreating.""We will be on the right side of history and lift this failed embargo," Emmer said. Smith is planning to lead a delegation to Cuba next week to tour food-growing operations and meet with the country's agricultural and foreign ministries.In May, Klobuchar led a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers that introduced legislation to lift the Cuba trade embargo. companies to sell agricultural and medical products to Cuba, according to Prevost. While Trump's announcement won't eliminate those business deals, it could make the likelihood of new investments more difficult, he said.Elements of both cultures run deep in the children of the Cuban exiles who this year, with sorrow and rancor, will mark the 30th anniversary of the revolution that drove them from their Caribbean homeland.The next decade is expected to bring an increase in the social, economic and political influence of the second generation, many of whom were born in this country or were so young when they left Cuba that they have few memories of the island.But when second-generation Cuban-Americans travel far beyond Miami they are uniformly struck by just how Cuban they feel.


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