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Audio-only or group video calls aren't yet possible, there's no web or desktop client, no multi-device support, and no way to share what's on your screen for example instead of what you see with your cameras.

But even though these seemed like deal-breakers to me when the app was announced, after using it for a few days, I'd argue that they're secondary features to what Duo is trying to be: an instantaneous way for you to get in touch with someone else as if you were near them.

Veiled in secrecy and subsequently the target of some tech-savvy journos, most of the news surrounding Show Max leaked online before the actual launch. You then have the option to try out the 7 day free trial or to subscribe using a credit card, Pay Pal or a voucher.3) How much does it cost? This includes mobile phones and tablets via i OS and Android apps, laptop and desktop computers using a range of web browsers, and Samsung and LG smart TVs. There’s more than 10 000 hours of content available.

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– Video TV: Airtel has partnered with Apalya for video content, with live streaming of TV channels, and also featuring archival content, including archives of TV shows.

A full movie is crunched into 15 minutes of viewing, with popular dialogs, and and narration.

Shotformats is providing the platform for Video Talkies for Airtel, and the content is multiple content partners – some from aggregators and others from direct deals, including from UTV New Media (which was the first to launch Audio Cinema, under TN Prabhu).

The government announced in November last year that it would take back and auction off a third of the 3G spectrum held by each of the four incumbent 3G mobile network operators, while giving the right of first refusal to renew their respective 15-year licences for two-thirds of the spectrum that each currently hold.

The 3G spectrum licences of HKT, CSL, Smar Tone and Hutchison Telecom will expire in October 2016.


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