Dating remington cartridge boxes

This mini cannon is reminiscent of of the larger version used during various wars but notably the Civil War. The Mountain Howitzer was a staple of Civil War artillery.See More Mini Mountain Howitzer Cannon Kit Working artillery, fully operational cannons. units See More 1858 Remington, .36 cal, Steel Frame, 6 3/8" Oct. One of the strongest and most sought after revolvers.When ignited, black powder produced clouds of dense smoke and it quickly fouled firearms.When automatic and semiautomatic firearms were invented in the late 1800s, the search for an alternative to black powder intensified.Several smokeless powders, also called nitro powders because their base ingredient was a derivative of nitroglycerin, were independently developed in Europe in the mid-1800s, including one by Alfred Nobel, the father of both dynamite and the Nobel Peace Prize.California Powder Works is credited with producing the first smokeless powder in the U. in 1893, but its use in sporting ammunition lagged behind military applications.So there was a 2 year gap in rifle date coded barrels and the normal consumer, or gunsmith would have to contact the factory for this information.They then saw the error of their ways apparently because of being inundated by phone calls and resumed stamping the date code on the barrel on 10/1/01.

You will also notice the month code spelling out BLACKPOWDERX, this is a common code in the firearms early as 1675 but did not become an industry in the United States until 1802 when it was first manufactured by the E. Du Pont de Nemours and Company in Wilmington, Delaware.It was as inevitable as firecrackers that the invention of gunpowder would lead to firearm cartridges.They however continued to mark the date code on the end flap of the shipping box for shotgun barrels however.They planned on using just the serial numbers to tell when the gun was manufactured.These guns were the trusted companions of fur traders as they hunted for pelts.


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