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You see, this can be a double-edged sword; while he finds the products that you use environmentally friendly, all-natural, and yummy-smelling, he’ll want to use that expensive stuff, too.

Be prepared to either hoard, or buy those pricey beauty products for two.

WASHINGTON—Deeply moved by her boldness under such circumstances, citizens from around the country were reportedly inspired Thursday by the bravery of a teenager who walked into a local Mc Donald’s wearing only a bikini.

ARLINGTON, MA—Fondly watching him as he joined a group of other men his age huddled around a classic car, members of the Altman family were reportedly excited Wednesday to see their dad making friends in their new neighborhood.

Feminine men takeover So, what makes feminine men so irresistible to women?

Last year Australia became the first country in the world to ban this movie.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA—All semblance of harmony lost in the maelstrom of books, electronics, and random keepsakes that lay before him, local man Ron Beck reportedly became grimly aware of what chaos he had wrought 20 minutes into organizing his bedroom shelves Wednesday.

FULLERTON, CA—Having grown up seeing few characters he could relate to on the big screen, local man Jake Champney, who once jumped a motorcycle onto a hijacked bullet train, told reporters Tuesday that he never thought he’d see the day when Hollywood would tell stories like his.

The first screening in Melbourne last October was cancelled when feminists – who hadn’t seen the movie – persuaded Palace Cinemas to cancel the showing.

Since then crowdfunding ensured a very successful first screening and a few more have taken place across the country – but only after cinema owners received death threats and attempts to shut down their business.


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